Fallout 4
Bethesda teases Fallout 4 via countdown timer?fallout.bethsoft.com

After months of rumours, leaks and speculations, Bethesda has finally pulled the lid off its upcoming Fallout 4 – the newest addition to the already glorified Fallout series. Fallout 4 is easily one of the most highly anticipated games of the year and has surely got the industry buzzing with excitement, ahead of this year's E3.

With the latest teaser for the game, Bethesda has already notified us on few of the things that we are set to see for the new Fallout.

Here's a list of all the things we know for certain for Fallout 4.

The Boston Setting

Back in 2012, a Reddit user claimed that Bethesda was scouting locations throughout Boston for Fallout 4. In fact, the famous Cambridge-based Massachusetts Institute of Technology was said to be a focus of their research. Later, the first gameplay trailer was released for the title that confirmed the Boston setting for the new game. If you are still looking for clues, note the zeppelin that flies over the Paul Revere statue in the city.

Commentary from Ron Pearlman

If you have played the previous Fallout games in the series, you shouldn't really have a problem identifying Ron Pearlman's monologue in every chapter in the Fallout series. However, Pearlman threw caution to the wind when he revealed on Reddit that things could change, going ahead. "Don't have any video games on the horizon right now," Perlman said at that time. However, the information turned out to be false after the first trailer for the game re-introduced us with Pearlman as the radio announcer, delivering his signature line: "War, war never changes". This time, however, Pearlman will be playing an actual character in the game.

Three Dog Radio Jockey

If you can remember correctly, Three Dog is one of the disc jockeys from Fallout 3. In early 2013, Three Dog voice actor Erik Todd Dellums suggested that he would reprise his role in Fallout 4. "I let [Bethesda] know that fans were clamoring, trying to figure out if there's any chance that Three Dog would be back sometime," Dellums said in an interview. "And, you know, they let it slip that it looks like Three Dog will. And they said that, 'Well, maybe you could tell your fans'." This means, Three Dog will now have relocated his base from Washington to Boston.

Fallout 4 – Probable Release Date

To be honest, we have no clue about when the new Fallout will go gold and ready to hit the stores. While we are sure that the development of the game had started even before its existence was acknowledged, there's also a chance that the company started with a small team of developers, delaying the game's readiness. Now, with Bethesda pushing for a release of the game on the likes of Xbox One and PS4, there's every chance that the game could be pushed to 2016.

Watch out for Fallout 4 and Bethesda at this year's E3, starting later this month. Stay tuned for more updates!