Dharmendra, Hema Malini
Dharmendra, Hema MaliniTwitter

Veteran actor Dharmenda recently made fun of his wife Hema Malini in regard to a video in which she was seen sweeping to promote Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. However, looks like Dharmendra's comment did not go down well with Hema, and hence, he later apologised for the witty remark.

In a viral video, Hema was seen sweeping the street at Parliament, but many felt that the act was a publicity stunt as her way of doing the act appeared to be quite pretentious. Even Dharmendra felt the same about his wife's act.

When a follower on Twitter asked Dharmendra about Hema's sweeping stunt, the iconic actor had said that his wife used a broom only in films, and even he found her act laughable.

"Haan films main , mujhe bhi अनाड़ी लग रहीं थीं . मैं ने मगर बचपन में , अपनी माँ का हमेशा हाथ बटाया है । मैं झाड़ू में माहिर था । I love cleanliness," he tweeted.

While Twitterati was amused at Dharmendra's tweet, apparently Hema got irked by his words, and soon the senior actor made another funny tweet apologising for his comment.

Sharing a photo that shows a young Dharemdra folding hands, he in the tweet said that whatever happens he will not say anything about broom ever again.

"Kuchh bhi keh baithta hoon ....... kuchh bhi KI bhawna ko.... . Kuchh bhi samajh baithte hain yaar log .....TWEET BADSHAH.kuchh bhi kiya .....baat झाड़ू की bhi ....tauba tauba .....kabhi na karon ga हम का माफ़ी दई दो मालिक," he tweeted.


Well, looks like even the "He-Man" of Bollywood tones down when he faces his wife's wrath.