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Eva Mendes is pregnant with Ryan Gosling's baby as per the reports. The couple who has been dating for more than three years now is ready to start a family.

"Eva and Ryan, who have been dating for three years now, are expecting their first child together," Hollywoodlife qouted a source from OK! magazine. "Eva is thrilled. She's been ready for motherhood for a while now, and to be sharing this experience with Ryan is a dream come true for her." 

Moreover, the magazine also suggested that Gosling is more than excited to father a baby as he did not have a father figure in his life.

"Ryan grew up without a dad, so he always said when he had kids, he'd be there, no matter what. This is it for him," the source further told the magazine as per the website.

However, there are many fans who are not happy with the news of Mendes' pregnancy and think that it is the end of romance between Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Many fans of the ex-couple took to Twitter to express their disappointment about the news of Mendes' pregnancy.

Natalie Williams @natsaysrelax wrote, "Ryan Gosling is having a child and it's not with Rachel McAdams. *sets everything on fire*"

Chelsea N. Cummins @chelseancummins wrote, "Why is this hour dragging? Probably because Ryan Gosling knocked up some wench who isn't Rachel McAdams and the world is mourning."


Abby @ASpence1993 wroter, "Ryan Gosling is going to be a father. My middle school self just died inside by the fact that I nor Rachel McAdams is the mother. #dreams".

Mendes and Gosling first met on the sets of "The Place Beyond The Pines". In the movie, the duo played the role of parents and that time during a film promotion, Mendes had suggested that Gosling really enjoys being with kids.

"[Ryan] loves babies, and he loved playing with the little boy who played our son. It was adorable to see him in that light," Eva gushed to The Sun while promoting the film.

However, to many Mendes' fans, the news of pregnancy comes as a surprise as she had once said in her interview that she couldn't imagine being a mother.

"I'm certainly not thinking about being a mum at the moment," Eva revealed in a 2007 interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, adding, "I can't imagine it. I'm too selfish, but I really want to get a pet pug. I've wanted a puppy for the past year, but I'm not here all the time and that just wouldn't be fair."