Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian to Divorce
Lamar and Khloe are to divorce after four years of marriage.Reuters

Eva Longoria dissed Khloe Kardashian in an interview and said that reality stars have no right to privacy. Kardashian apparently had refused to talk about her private life in a recent interview on Australian Television show "Sunrise".

Reports suggest that when the show's host Samantha Armytage asked Kardashian about Kim's baby, North West, she pulled the plug on the interview.

When Longoria was asked about the reality star's reaction, she said that nothing about reality stars is guarded by boundaries. "The Desperate Housewives" star was in Australia last week to attend Melbourne Fashion Fest.

"There's definitely things that are off limits and shouldn't be asked (but) I think it is different for a reality star than it is for an actor," Hollywoodlife quoted the actor.

"An actor goes out and acts and does work, certain things are left to be private. Reality stars are kind of living out their lives, that's why they are famous, because of the reality of their lives."

Kardahshian's life has always been an open book for media and her fans.  However, since going through a traumatizing divorce with Lamar Odom, she has started safeguarding her private life. In one of her recent interviews, she even said that she does not like watching her marriage drama on the television.

The former couple's marriage fell apart after their fourth wedding anniversary. The 29-year-old couldn't take her athlete husband's alleged drug addiction anymore and filed for divorce. However, there are rumors that the couple might reunite.

"They're talking all the time," a source told Us magazine. "It's not over yet."

Odom has been trying his best to reunite with his estranged spouse. In various press events, he has hinted that he still considers Kardashian his wife and hopes that the divorce does not go through.

Fans of the couple wonder what Odom has to say about Longoria's comment on Kardahshian's personal life. Do you think the comments must have miffed him?