Will Mans Zelmerloew or Guy Sebastian win Eurovision Song Contest 2015?Reuters

Wiener Stadthalle, the multi-purpose convention centre and indoor arena in Vienna, Austria, is all set to host the 60th Eurovision Song Contest and music lovers across the globe are eagerly waiting for the declaration of winners.

Among the 27 countries lined up to compete in the finale, nine are previous winners. While Sweden, France and the United Kingdom top the list with five wins, Serbia, Montenegro, Latvia and Azerbaijan are quick winners.

Norway is the first country to secure more than 300 points, including 16 maximum scores, and Estonia is the first country from the erstwhile Soviet Union to have won in the competition in 2001. 

Greece, Romania, Russia and Azerbaijan have always been in the finals' list after the introduction of semi-finals. Elnur Hüseynov from Azerbaijan and Maraaya from Slovenia are returning participants. 

So, if the previous winners' list can be linked with this year's prediction list, which includes Sweden, Russia, Italy, Belgium and Australia, Sweden could be the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2015 and the host for next year's annual song competition.

However, the musical event is witnessing a trend of first time winners since 2001, so chances of Australia, Slovenia, Romania, Russia, Greece, Belgium and Azerbaijan cannot be ignored. 

The musical event, which will be aired live on BBC One, will kick off with the performance of last year's winner and green room host Conchita Wurst at 8pm on Saturday, 23 May. She will sing "Building Bridges" along with the other three hosts, Alice Tumler, Mirjam Weichselbraun and Arabella Kiesbauer.

Check out the list of finalists for Eurovision Song Contest 2015 below:

  1. Maraaya for Slovenia                                                   "Here for You"
  2. Lisa Angell for France                                                  "N'oubliez pas" 
  3. Nadav Guedj for Israel                                                 "Golden Boy"
  4. Elina Born & Stig Rästa for Estonia                           "Goodbye to Yesterday"
  5. Electro Velvet for United Kingdom                            "Still in Love with You"
  6. Genealogy for Armenia                                                "Face the Shadow"
  7. Monika Linkytė & Vaidas Baumila for Lithuania     "This Time"
  8. Bojana Stamenov for Serbia                                       "Beauty Never Lies"
  9.  Mørland & Debrah Scarlett for Norway                    "A Monster Like Me"
  10. Måns Zelmerlöw for Sweden                                     "Heroes"
  11. John Karayiannis for Cyprus                                      "One Thing I Should Have Done"
  12. Guy Sebastian for Australia                                        "Tonight Again"
  13. Loïc Nottet for Belgium                                               "Rhythm Inside"
  14. The Makemakes for Austria                                       "I Am Yours"
  15. Maria Elena Kyriakou for Greece                               "One Last Breath"
  16. Knez for Montenegro                                                   "Adio"
  17. Ann Sophie for Germany                                             "Black Smoke"
  18. Monika Kuszyńska for Poland                                   "In the Name of Love"
  19. Aminata for Latvia                                                        "Love Injected"
  20. Voltaj for Romania                                                       "De la capăt (All over Again)"
  21. Edurne for Spain                                                           "Amanecer"
  22. Boggie for Hungary                                                      "Wars for Nothing"
  23. Nina Sublatti for Georgia                                             "Warrior"
  24. Elnur Hüseynov for Azerbaijan                                   "Hour of the Wolf"
  25. Polina Gagarina for Russia                                         "A Million Voices"
  26. Elhaida Dani for Albania                                              "I'm Alive"
  27. Il Volo for Italy                                                               "Grande amore"