Hungary-born Austria defender Gyorgy Garics is all set to fulfil his father's last wish in Euro 2016. Garics' father, who was also a footballer and used to play for a number of clubs in Hungary, urged him to play in Euro 2016.

Gyrics was devastated as his father passed away 10 days ahead of the start of Euro 2016. He had even decided to pull out of the tournament. But now he wants to fulfil his father's dying wish in France by helping his side, Austria, in Euro Cup 2016. 

Gyorgy Garics Senior died last Thursday after a 10-month-long battle with cancer. 

"I asked him whether I should stay with him or go, but he thought that I should definitely go. Of course I want to respect his final wish. I would like to give him a beautiful send-off. Papa would have loved to see me at the Euros, but he would have been the first to be angry if I left the tournament," Gyrics was quoted as saying by Mirror.

"We both worked towards the aim of being at the Euro. Unfortunately he missed it by a few days, but I'm going to do everything I can to make him even prouder. Football was his life."

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This is the first time that he will be facing the country where he was born in Euro 2016. He is determined that he will be able to impress all and sundry during Euro 2016.

Garics, who will be singing both the national anthems (Austria and Hungary), said how important this game is to him and he just wants to collect three crucial points. 

"It would already have been complicated and special for me anyway. But what happened with Papa makes it a lot more emotionally charged. It's about football, it's about my story, it's about his story, and it's about three points. I can't put into words what the game means to me," Garics added. 

"You experience something like very rarely in life – and the way things have come together this time is unique. Thanks, Papa, for ensuring that this game will stay with me for ever."