Eshan College takes unique approach to education, student development in UP

If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it's the survival in tough times can only be granted to those who are able to adapt.

Education works on a similar concept and in the current scenario, it is quite transparent.

Institutes that have adapted to the newer technologies have gained significant advantages over those that have lagged behind.

Eshan College has made progress in this aspect.

Revolutionizing and reimplementing modern methods of teaching, education, and training, is the core philosophy that Eshan College has adopted to keep delivering quality education to its students.

About Eshan

Eshan Group of Institutions which includes Eshan college of engineering, Eshan college of management, an international school, and one polytechnical institute, was established in 2009.

Institutes are located in various regions of western Uttar Pradesh, stretched over 100 acres of lush green campuses, and have a total strength of more than 3500 students with boarding facilities in all the institutes.

Armed with experienced and qualified teaching faculty, the Eshan Group provides education to the students right from the beginning i.e from the playschool till the end (post-graduation).

Courses include BTech, MTech, MBA, ITI, Polytechnic, along with its several unique 6-months advanced diploma programs in the most demanded fields like web development, digital marketing, graphic designing, video editing, app development, etc.

Here are some factors on which Eshan has proved its mettle against other colleges

Modern Education

Technology is a fast-moving field! And education shall always thrive to keep up.

This is the major key point on which Eshan Group designs its curriculum. The focus is on providing fresh course programs that are designed to educate students in the latest technological tools and upcoming and dynamic fields.

An example of this would be ECE's latest diploma course on digital marketing(a highly emerging and dynamic field) which trains students in the field's core concepts from the initial to the pro-level focusing highly on the practical applications on the field.

Apart from that, the educational institutes under the Eshan group also collectively share a belief in innovative and interactive education which drives them towards providing an educational curriculum that caters to modern technological needs. And one that keeps them up to date with the global competition.

Practical exposure

Equipped with labs and the training tools, Eshan works on a systematic education imparting approach which relies on practical exposure.

Along with extensive knowledge of the theoretical aspects of the subject topic, an application-oriented approach is essential for students to actually be able to learn the topic.

Eshan focuses on the practical aspects of the study topics and helps students extract the most from a lesson.

Eshan's ties with various corporate companies and the resultant workshops and webinars have been driven by the companies, also ensure that students are given proper exposure in the field.

Co-curricular activities and clubs

Apart from education and training, Eshan Group also prides itself on its vast array of co-curricular activities that it provides to the students.

Apart from a well-focused training and placement cell, Eshan College of Engineering being a technical institute has focused prominently on upgrading its techno-societies.

The college has initiated an IT club that aims to promote a coding community stretched across the whole of Uttar Pradesh.

The IT club, TECHTREK is student-led and is managed by exceptional students who are brand ambassadors of top tech companies like HackerEarth, deeplearning.AI, Coding Elements, etc.

Various professional webinars are also conducted frequently in the college by Experts in the fields of cutting edge technologies like Data Science, Machine learning, Cloud Computing, etc.

ECE also has a robotics club, named CIRCUIT BREAKERS which promotes a healthy competitive spirit amongst students and trains students in the field of Robotics starting from the very basic like Arduino and Raspberry Pi to the advanced levels.

Adaptability to change

A very important aspect of evolution is the acceptance of change and the ability to cope with it. The same principle applies to the educational spectrum. Old methods of education often need to be substituted by new modern methods that are more efficient.

The Covid situation escalated Eshan college's efforts to modernize the education imparting process and make it feasible via remote learning.

The college took various initiatives such as distributing Smartphones to diploma students and laptops to MBA and engineering students to promote digital learning.


Eshan Group Of Institutions has definitely established an inspiring example as an educational body.

Its unique approach combined with the college's willingness to adopt new training methods places it at par with any educational institute.

Taking into consideration all the important parameters and reviews from student resources, the Eshan group of institutions stands to be one of the most (if not the most) emerging colleges in Uttar Pradesh.