Escaping Polygamy
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Season 2 of "Escaping Polygamy" will see Andrea Brewer revealing more about the torture she and her sister endured while growing up in the Salt Lake City-based group her family belonged to. In an exclusive clip obtained by Us Weekly, Brewer is seen recounting the time her dad flipped out when he realised that his daughters had pierced their ears. Her parents do not encourage body piercing as they believe human bodies are temples.

"We were terrified because he's beaten us plenty of times in the past," Brewer said. "He jumped over his desk, and he lunged at us. And he grabbed Jess' head, and he was pushing her down and said, 'I'm going to rip your earrings out — take your earrings out. I'm going to rip them out if you don't take them out.'"

She also recounts the time in 2004 when they were involved in a court battle to separate from their parents. During the trial, Jessica and Andrea had to relive all the abuses inflicted by their dad and according to her, this included hitting them with boards, and forcing them to eat rotten food. "And if we'd throw it up, he'd force us to eat that," she said.

A previous clip showed Jessica Christensen revealing she was encouraged to date her 42-year-old uncle when she was just 14. She would have been his third wife if her parents had their way. Her uncle supposedly told her that they were married in heaven before they were sent to earth.

"My mom's biggest failure is, she was the person who was supposed to protect me and never did," Jessica said in the clip. "She never protected me from Daniel, and then here I am at 14 — she knows I'm being groomed by a 42-year-old man, and she does nothing about it. That's where my mom's biggest failure is. She never protected me, and she did not protect her children."

"Escaping Polygamy" season 2 premieres on A&E on July 10, at 10 p.m. ET.