Leicester City
Leicester City recently confirmed their place in the UEFA Champions League in the next season.Reuters

History is in the making as Leicester City march towards their maiden English Premier League (EPL) title. The club escaped relegation in the last season by just six points. 

Claudio Ranieri took over the footballing affairs and the Foxes turned the wheel of fortune. The turnaround is somewhat dramatic. It is as if someone is writing the script from behind the clouds. 

Leicester City need three more victories from their last five matches to win the Premier League title. They will be playing their last home game May 7 at the King Power Stadium against Everton.

The prices of the tickets for this particular game have touched the skies on resale websites, being sold for $15,000 a pair, as the allotted number of tickets for this game were sold out in 90 minutes. 

Soon after the tickets were sold out, an individual ticket was being sold for more than $3,000. A pair of tickets were being sold for much higher rates. 

The club management said it would take action against people selling tickets for more than their original value. A club spokesman also said selling tickets illegally in the U.K. is a criminal and punishable offence. 

"This season is something we never expected and will probably never happen again in our lifetimes," a Leicester City fan was quoted as saying by BBC.

"Now I won't be there to potentially celebrate us winning the Premier League. It is a bit of a 'here's what you could have won' moment.

"The club has been brilliant with fans these past couple of seasons. But I think there will be a few questions for them to answer as to how this has happened. I can't see how ordinary fans could afford to pay £15,000 for two tickets — it's the price of a second-hand car."

Leicester City will play their remaining EPL games against Swansea, West Ham, Manchester United, Chelsea and Everton.