A BBC weather bulletin subtitle error accidentally warned festival-goers heading to Glastonbury to 'prepare for rape'
Screenshot of the subtitle errorTwitter

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) should consider firing their subtitle writers immediately, after suffering another embarrassing incident on air.

The news channel had to issue a red-faced apology on Thursday, after a weather bulletin subtitle accidentlly warned festival-goers heading to Glastonbury to 'prepare for rape'.

The blunder occurred in the weather forecast, which was broadcast live on BBC One, after the 10pm News on Wednesday, according to reports.

Viewers were greeted with the shocker as the subtitle writer mistook the weatherman telling the audience to "prepare for rain", and instead ran the caption 'prepare for rape'.

The news channel issued an apology after a screenshot of the gaffe managed to sneak its way into social networking sites, where people have been talking about the incident with much amusement.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail notes that after spotting they had ran the word 'rape' for 'rain', the subtitle writers quickly corrected the message.

"As we head into Thursday, people going to Glastobury will want to prepare for rape because this rain is heading - prepare for rain because this rain is heading right for you," the subtitle read.

Within minutes, however, a screenshot of the erroneous subtitle was posted on Instagram and other social networking sites.

Earlier in the year, another epic caption error on BBC saw the word 'whores' instead of 'horse', while referring to the Chinese New Year.

"Welcome to the year of the whores. People around the globe celebrate..." the caption had said.

Here are a few funny reactions on Twitter to the latest gaffe: