Shalini Vadhera
Shalini Vadhera

While everyone is going through the global pandemic phase, serial entrepreneur Shalini Vadhera shares her insight during the COVID-19 spread.

Shalini Vadhera is one of the most renowned female serial entrepreneurs, the "Mahatma Gandhi Award Winner" and CEO of a globally reputed Beauty and Healthcare brand Ready Set Jet Inc.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, she shares her thoughts over various issues that the Beauty and Healthcare Industry is going through, and gives her insight on how to tackle them.

1. Could the Coronavirus Outbreak change the way we consume self-care and beauty?

Shalini Vadhera: Absolutely, I believe we are going to shift into "healthy beauty". Products and content that tap into self-care and wellness as part of your daily beauty routine will become more important to the consumer.

2. What are 3 essential things people (Influencers, Entrepreneurs, actors, producers, directors and more) in the Business industry need to keep in mind to cope with this crisis? (Finance management, long term perspective, investment, proceeding with things at the moment, savings, and more)

Vadhera: Having a long term perspective can really help you navigate the current and uncertain times. While we've made some pivots to our business, we are still operating towards the goals and outcomes we had in our planning.

It's a great time (since most people are home) to reach out to mentors, advisors, current partners, investors, customers, and clients to get advice and work towards those future plans.

Lowering your burn rate and finding alternative ways to compensate and reward your staff while keeping everyone motivated is essential while working towards those long term goals.

3. How can industry people make the best of this problem?

Vadhera: I really believe that we have an incredible opportunity to strengthen relationships and create collaborative partnerships during this time. There's never been a better time to use live platforms like Instagram, FB, and TikTok to really tap into the needs of your consumers by educating and creating content that they really need.

Video meeting apps such as Zoom have been great to connect with business contacts all over the world in discussing future plans, strategies, and partnerships.

Also taking advantage of the numerous webinars that are recently available from industry experts to learn new up and coming trends, skills, market strategies. It's a great time to really expand your knowledge and deepen connections.

4. Will everything instantly come back on track once this gets over?

Vadhera: We are seeing in China that the comeback in the beauty market has been relatively fast. Skincare and body care have been the fastest to come back and color cosmetics while down, are not that far behind.

As far as other markets, I believe we will see a trend of becoming more digitally-driven since a number of brick and mortar retailers are closed.

5. 3 self-care and mental tips to the entrepreneur

Vadhera: Selfcare and mindset are so important. Especially right now. Here are a few of my favorite tips:

• Set up a daily self-care routine that includes a few minutes for meditation and exercise

• Get in touch with nature. When times feel a little out of control, you can easily feel strong and grounded by going outside, getting some fresh air and doing a tree Meditation. Visually ground yourself to the earth like the roots of the tree.

• I believe in a positive mindset equals a positive life. When you find yourself going down a negative storyline in your head mindfully hit stop and change the story to see a positive outcome. It takes discipline but it's a great tool to have as an entrepreneur.

Don't forget some of the best beauty secrets are free, fresh air, drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and getting a solid 8 hours of sleep will make you look and feel good.

Shalini Vadhera is on a mission to elevate, educate and empower women as part of her future projects.