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The world has become more competitive, there's cut-throat competition everywhere, and there's a race to get to the top and to conquer, especially for Mumbai's youngsters. If one checks most city kids' Instagram handles, they will notice that the youth present themselves as multi-hyphenates in their bios, even if they've been adults for just over a year.

"Time is money, truly, and we're all working towards getting richer than we currently are, but the world is not enough, right?" said Piran who left us reflecting on this thought for a while we were mid-conversation.

Piran Tarapore is a 22-year young hustler who takes us into his world, showing off his multitasking skills and his passion for doing and having it all. The next decade has begun, and the age of hustle is here, says Piran at the beginning of the conversation. He had a few interesting responses to the questions addressed to him.

Piran Tarapore

What does the word 'hustle' mean to you?

Hustling for me is going above and beyond the requirement to achieve the necessary goals to keep others and most importantly, myself competent at all times.

What inspired you to start working while in college?

I wanted to make use of what I was learning. I'm super critical of my own work and subconsciously overthink most of the time about how I can improve my current capabilities. The "pushing myself" mentality comes from the fact that I'm never quite happy at one place — stagnancy scares me. I like to be on the move: onwards and upwards.

What keeps you going?

When my work gets recognised and applauded, even if it's by a client or my parents, it's a proud feeling for me. My goal is to create beautiful works of art in every medium that I can — whether it is at home through painting or creating digital content for brands.

Are you worried about burnout?

I've experienced burnouts numerous times — physically I've felt drained, have lack of energy — but somehow I survive on coffee and energy drinks. Mentally, everything frustrates me then, I get agitated for every minute issue. But a short getaway or break always does the trick for me. Also, the steadfast support and motivation from my friends, family and colleagues keep me going and ready to fight myself when I feel drained.

How do you deal with the pressure of juggling your commitments?

It's essential to ask for support! If I did not delegate, I would not be able to finish the work successfully. I would spend most of my time planning and procrastinating all the things on my to-do list. Teamwork is everything, and my team always has my back.

How has hustle culture impacted society?

The start-up culture in India, including Mumbai, has fuelled born hustlers. That sense of belief that you can achieve anything no matter where you come from is inspiring. Now, our society is more empowered than ever, with people from all walks of life aiming to thrive in life — and all this energy must be utilised to progress.

However, I wish people stressed on taking care of oneself as much they stress on the hustle. A balance must be maintained to live a healthy life as a hustler, as individuals from most developed countries do.

Piran Tarapore says that the hustle may be the quickest way to 'get rich' or to have your dream career. However, if you're not kind to the needs of your mind and body, you won't be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour in the future - then what's the point? Like the OG hustler, Ranveer Singh reminded us: If we hustle, Apna Time Aayega.