Neil Mathew
Neil MathewPR Handout

Failure was never an option for entrepreneur Neil Mathew. He has embraced success through his unique vision and strategy.

Mathew started out in luxury concierge services that provided various high-end transportation but now he is focusing on developing and constructing housing renovations by investing in real estate and sells high-end luxury properties. He also recently teamed up with the founders of Avalon Sports group based out of London, a company called Avalon Diamond Club that provides high-end service when it comes to media marketing, custom jewelry and private aviation.

Mathew was born and raised in Brooklyn. When he was 15, his family relocated to New Jersey, opening eyes to a more upper class suburban lifestyle, far from his known city setting. The new life in Jersey intrigued and inspired him to set foot in the luxury market.

For Mathew to ultimately break through, he had to offer opulent, high-end services, while going over and beyond for the needs of his clients. With time, he grew his base and earned referrals in the same measure. As a young entrepreneur, trying to build his luxury concierge business and himself as a brand, Mathew knew the value of mentorship. He considers his received guidance as one of the biggest arsenals every entrepreneur needs to skyrocket their success in the highly competitive business world.

According to Neil, mentorship changed his life when he first started out as a young entrepreneur.

"When you're starting out as an entrepreneur, it will make a lot of sense to attach yourself to a mentor in your field. Given your mentor's wealth of experience, he or she has all you need to succeed in your area of specialty. A mentor will challenge and push you out of your comfort zone," he said.

In addition to this, Neil believes that success is not a product of wishes; he feels one will need a proactive approach to enjoy the kind of success one dreams of. Successful business owners know that they must think outside the box. Yes, a single stream of income is good, still having multiple sources of income will help you reach your goals.

By branding yourself, you can easily stay ahead of the competition in the industry. Of course, your investors will be interested in the amazing services you offer, but above all, they will be interested in you. To this end, branding aids in turning prospective clients into amazing, long term investors.

"One aspect of branding that should be taken seriously is making sure you know a great deal about the products and services being offered. Investors only want to deal with business owners who are knowledgeable in their line of work," he added.

Today, Neil makes multiple investments by teaming up with other app companies and helping their elite members to rise. Moreover, he invests in real estate and is, currently, the brand ambassador for Manor of London, a luxury footwear company based in the U.K.

"My job for the future is that I maintain and keep up with the latest trend. Maintaining to standout and unique from other competitors around the world," he concluded.