Riya Kanthaliya

We live in a world where everybody is in the hustle to make their lives better. Though we might have dedicated our souls to some primary jobs yet we all are multi-tasker.
Getting our hands in multiple fields yet facing each of them is not an easy job. This is only possible when you have adequate knowledge of those fields.

In this world where everyone is pushing to the limit to make their names, Riya Kanthaliya is one of them. A 20 years old enthusiast who aims to influence and inspire the masses with her personality and fashion taste has moved everyone with her confidence.

She knows that sky is not the limit and that she has opened multiple doors for her. You may also see her as a lifestyle blogger who inspires hundreds to develop ways to have a good life. She is also a travel blogger who loves to explore the corners of the world.

When once asked about how she managed to have so much on her plate, this was her reply, "When your hobby becomes your work, you enjoy every bit of it, being monotonous is not on the list. You feel a certain dose of calmness in all this hustle."