Sky Sins
Sky Sins

Sky Sins isn't just an influencer or model. He's an the founder and CEO of the premium direct-to-consumer nutrition brand called Physique Collection by Sky and he's people achieve their fitness goals in a healthy way.

There are more people than ever that are concerned about their well-being all around the world, but that hasn't stopped a massive counterfeit supplement industry from emerging in India. Approximately 70% of the dietary supplements that are sold in India are fake according to a study conducted by ASSOCHAM-RNCOS. The manufacturers of these fake products use harmful, unapproved chemicals that put the youth of the country at risk.

Sky Sins wants to change that. After all, this isn't the first time that he has broken the mold. Many Indian men aren't known to build muscle, which is why many of their fitness influencers often only achieve local success. Sky Sins is of Indian origin but was born in Kenya, grew up in South Africa and lived and worked in the United States of America. He has managed to prove his worth to international brands such as Guess, Phillip Plein and Diesel, and he was also voted one of Cosmopolitan's Sexiest Men of 2019 in South Africa.

Sky understands what it's like to overcome the doubters and break stereotypes that currently exist. He wants to make sure that his customers can continue to be their best selves, while also being true to themselves - and that requires an effective and ethical product that they can trust.

One of the reasons that Physique Collection by Sky has been so successful is because Sky Sins was able to implement a direct-to-consumer model. This means Sky's products are sold exclusively on his e-commerce website without any third-party retailers, wholesalers or middlemen involved. Taking control of that customer relationship allows his company to provide a "level of high quality service and the guarantee of genuine products" says Sky.

Sins also has a significant social media audience with a following of over 700,000 people. His content is emotionally engaging, educational and highly motivational. The sheer power of his personal brand helped to ensure the success of Physique Collection, which already had 15,000 pre-orders before his supplements even officially launched! His followers have posted thousands of reviews praising the products and it's superior quality all over social media and

Unlike traditional supplement companies who rely on sponsoring various ambassadors to promote their products, Sky only develops and releases products he "actually believes in and uses everyday". His fans understand his genuine desire to make sure that India has real supplements that they can rely on, rather than having to distinguish between real and fake products. Sins has a genuine connection to his fans and wants them to be as healthy as possible.

For Sky, this isn't just a business opportunity. "I know what it was like to be a beginner in the fitness industry and be so confused with what to take" recalls Sky. It's this direct model and Sky's authentic connection to his followers that has allows Physique Collection by Sky to thrive.

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