Abhishek Kulkarni with Emraan Hashmi
Abhishek Kulkarni with Emraan HashmiPR Handout

After making his mark in Real estate business, young entrepreneur Abhishek Kulkarni is now set to produce a TV show, which will show the best sites to purchase properties in India for more substantial returns in the short term.

He is the Chairman & Managing Director - Million Group of Companies. In his journey from job to business, he learned many things in his life and managed to build a company from ground level. He loves to spread his knowledge and often mentoring people for real estate investment. It is not an easy job to convince people to invest crores in real estate.

Failure was never an option for Abhishek Kulkarni; he has achieved success with his healthy mindset. His daily meetings with business giants help him recognize the market condition and also opportunities in the real estate market, and his reading has made him the first choice for many investors today in India.

Abhishek feels branding yourself; makes you stay ahead of the competition in the real estate. Yes, you should be ready with original and fresh ideas to convince people for the investments, the offers which you provide should be the best in the market, and real too, so that people can trust you more while investing in the property business.

Abhishek is all set to produce a TV show on Real Estate; He will show the best sites where you can purchase properties in India for more substantial returns in the short term. Abhishek feels we hold a massive scope in the property market, and he wants to show that with his TV show, and he wants to bring that interest back of people to invest money in the real estate sector.

This program of Abhishek Kulkarni will be a different show by itself and the first one too, where we will see a dedicated show on Real estate first time on Indian Television. It is an excellent concept as all the mainstream builders, and their projects will come in this show. Wow, what an opportunity it will be for the Investors too.

With his show, Abhishek wants to help investors of India, to invest at the right place and with that, he wants to see booming real estate market of India again, which was five to six year back from 2008 to 2012.

Abhishek feels we are the nation where possibility is everywhere we have to obtain good things and bring Indian market back on track with a bang and show the world, why India is the most significant and advanced place to invest money in Real estate.