Reporting on startups by new-age digital media publications has changed significantly in the past three years. Many media platforms emerged and Gurugram-based Entrackr is one of them. To learn more about Entrackr, IBTimes spoke to Entrackr's co-founder and CEO.

Below are the edited excerpts:

Jai Vardhan
Jai Vardhan

While many of you have some queries related to the journey of team Entrackr, we managed to catch up with Jai Vardhan, the company's co-founder and CEO.

IBTimes: Tell us the story behind starting Entrackr and how it became a brand in the already crowded space?

Jai Vardhan: I was working with a digital publication based out of Bengaluru covering startups before starting Entrackr. We wanted to put out a real picture of the startup landscape in India and I personally felt that the whole ecosystem was going through fatigue in terms of daily reporting. Fact-based newsbreaks on a regular basis with insights were missing and it became our motto to start Entrackr.

Entrackr stands for entrepreneurs' tracker


IBTimes: How do you manage to come up with the exclusives?

Jai Vardhan: We are a lean team and able to do regular newsbreaks because we are passionate about 'what we do'. Scoring scoops are functions of your network, ability to filter facts from the noise and teamwork. We also have an internal rule book that keeps very tight control on facts, hygiene and overall quality.

IBTimes: Tell us what is Fintrackr all about?

Jai Vardhan: If you go through our regular reportage, you will find data-driven news and analysis of leading and emerging companies, market trends, and actual financial health of unicorns, growth and early-stage startups. We launched Fintrackr this year to track audited financials that reveal the true picture of companies' performance.