• Cartoons on KM Mani
    Cartoons on KM ManiFacebook
  • Netizens against KM Mani
    Netizens against KM ManiFacebook
  • Netizens against KM Mani
    Netizens against KM ManiFacebook
  • Netizens against KM Mani
    Netizens against KM ManiFacebook

In order to help 'poverty stricken' Finance Minister of Kerala KM Mani, social media users have been sending 'money orders' to him, who has been accused of corruption charges related to 'bargate' controversy.

Noted film-maker Aashiq Abu began the campaign by donating ₹500 to the 'poor' minister and hashtag #Entevaka500 (#myshare500) has been trending on social media networks.

"We citizens should collect some crores for our poor sir who does not have money to feed himself. Here's my contribution of ₹500," Aashiq posted on his Facebook page.  

Following this, some angry netizens have been reportedly sending money orders from ₹5 - ₹500 directly to the minister's home address at Pala in Kottayam district, Kerala. Several Facebook pages have also been opened in order to express people's opinion on the latest scam.

Meanwhile, anti-corruption supporters have also planned to gather at Kochi MG Road on 25 January from 10 am to beg money for the minister with the campaign "Donate a Penny to the Finance Minister".

Recently, Mani, who has a five-decade long political career in Kerala, was accused of accepting ₹2 crore bribe from bar owners for guaranteeing a lenient liquor policy in the state. 

Bar Hotel Owners' Association working president Biju Ramesh on Tuesday released some audio clips and other evidences, which prove that the minister accepted bribe.

Meanwhile, netizens are also celebrating the corruption scam by posting cartoons mocking Mani and other politicians. 

Malayalam comedy actor Anoop Chandran has also released a video teasing Mani by asking him not to leave his ministerial position.

Watch the video below:


Also check the netizens' responses below:


Brains behind this #EnteVaka500 campaign deserves a huge applause! Corruption should be eradicated completely.


Social Media in #Kerala creating another history by hash tag #entevaka500 for the corrupted politician.


Hahahaha.. #EnteVaka500 is the best hashtag I've seen in a while. Mallu power.

Jasoos Kutty

#entevaka500 Do I get income tax rebate for donations to K M Mani?


500 will be too much for him,#entevaka500.. what ever i can is 5 rs ..please give me receipt for that too..pinnae thannilla ennu parayaruthu

P.Thomas Geeverghese

After netizens #entevaka500 , BJP proclaims a cost free hartal..!


Mani "Saar" is going to be the quickest to become a billionaire in India! #entevaka500

Akhilesh Aravind

not only km mani the entire ministry is corrupted #entevaka500 #kerala

Ayoob Khan

No protests in Maani issue reveals how socially responsible Kerala's people and political parties are. #entevaka500

Boaz Chacko

#entevaka500 . Sir please keep it with pleasure INR 500/-


Every one should sent 1 Rs money order to Mani to show the protest #entevaka500