Gaurav Karnawat
Gaurav KarnawatPR Handout

Gaurav Karnawat, an investment startegist said that entertainment industry is the best place to invest in.

"Entertainment Industry has become a popular place. Everyone wants to start their career in it. Be as a singer, model, producer, director or actor. People here are joining in a large ratio. Even popular investors are investing their funds here, and many are making a huge profit here," he said.

He also made clear that investing in entertainment industry might be a luck game too.

"Investing here may get you fame and name as bonus, with huge financial profits. But one needs to be sure about the idea as a lot of times its a luck game too. This may lead to a greater loss and can make one in debt toom," Gaurav added.

Gaurav is famous name in the entertainment industry, helping people in getting better ideas about investments in Bollywood projects to television projects and digital series too. He is COO of Rishabh Securities.