ENRG LED Bulb speaker
ENRG Introduces LED Bulb speaker in IndiaENRG

ENRG has introduced an innovative portable speaker-cum-LED bulb in India, which can be operated from a regular bulb holder.

This easy-to-access and user-friendly gadget can play music through any Bluetooth-enabled devices like mobiles, tablets or laptops.

Both the light and the speaker operate independently. So turning off one doesn't affect the other. Also, no additional installation or software is required to operate the device.

Unlike other Bluetooth-based speakers, it doesn't require charging and rather it will consume the required power from the socket.

The LED bulb comes bundled with an infrared-based remote for changing between the tracks. So after connecting your smartphone, you can play the music direct through the remote control as well.

The ENRG LED bulb is priced at ₹2599 and available on their website.

Key Features:

  • Plug & Play in a regular bulb / CFL socket
  • No charging required
  • No cable / wire required
  • Bluetooth-enabled wireless connectivity for speaker
  • Works through all Bluetooth-enabled devices including all models of iPhone / iPad / Samsung / Nokia / HTC / Sony / Micromax / Motorola and others
  • High brightness & low power consumption
  • Stereo sound with loud output
  • Multi-function infrared remote to control the bulb and the speaker
  • Sturdy & compact design for maximum output & durability