We had major expectations from 2014 in terms of releases and game launches. Needless to say, the year lived up to the billing and delivered some of the best in the titles we have seen in a long time.

The year 2015 starts on the same note with a number of such titles waiting in the pipeline, getting out of development stage and ready to see the light of the day. And while there's still some time before 2015 is finally upon us, we are already listing down our wishlist for the year.

Gaming, however, remains a larger concept in terms of what we are seeing these days. Players have moved out of the traditional console and PC space and gone mobile. Hence the arrival of handsets with such powerful processors and RAM support.

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With the year already upon you, what are the titles that you should be looking forward to play before we reach the next holiday season? Here's our pick of the best 5 out of the lot.

Batman Arkham Knight
Each year a new Batman game marks its presence in the Arkham series, and 2015 isn't any different with the latest Arkham Knight around the corner. There haven't been any major complaints about the previous Batman games in the series from us, and we are expecting the same from the new Bats game. For starters, the caped crusader has turned more of a sociopath with an immensely powerful Batmobile at his disposal. Sounds good enough!

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Persona 5
The Persona series is back and how. And just in time when the Japanese role-playing game industry needs a sort of saviour from gradually drifting away into oblivion. Sure we are days past the times of Final Fantasies that gripped the industry, but we are sure as well assured that the new Persona is coming out yet again.

Final Fantasy XV
Talking about Persona 5 and how the Japanese role-playing games are slowly moving away from the mainstream, there's also a new Final Fantasy on the cards come 2015. We cannot give you a solid release date yet for the game, but judging by the pace at which Square Enix is releasing trailers for the same, rest assured that more details on everything is sure to pop up soon.

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This one goes out for all those who enjoy big axes and hell hounds. Coming from the creators of the equally gifted and tough Dark Souls, Bloodborne is all set to live up to the gothic buildings and architectures that we are so used to seeing. Players can start their journey from the ruined city of Y'harnam starting March 24, 2015.

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Halo 5: Guardians
What's the year without a brand new Halo game. Most of us bent on the Xbox aren't really alien to the entire Master Chief saga, and with the impending arrival of Halo 5: Guardians marked brightly, things can hardly go wrong. We have only seen a few multiplayer bits of the game, but that's more than enough for the time being to make us like it already.