In just little over a month, GV Prakash Kumar is returning with one more film in the form of "Enakku Innoru Per Irukku," which is also spelled as "Enaku Inoru Per Iruku." He has teamed up with director Sam Anton, who had earlier directed "Darling." 

'Enakku Innoru Per Irukku' Movie Stills

Anandhi, who had worked with GV Prakash in "Trisha Illana Nayanthara," has paired up with him again. Nirosha, Saravanan, Yogi Babu, VTV Ganesh, Rajendran and others are in the cast.

GV Prakash Kumar himself has composed the music for "Enakku Innoru Per Irukku." But the songs have been given below-average ratings by critics. The movie has Krishnan Vasant's cinematography and Ruben's editing.

It is an action-comedy movie, which has managed to generate curiosity in the minds of audience with its trailer. The film tells the story of a man, who displays his other side in a demanding situation.

It has to be noted that the title of the movie is inspired by the famous dialogue of Rajinikanth in his blockbuster "Baasha."

Naina (Saravanan) rules the Royapuram area and his rival is Durai, who is waiting for the right time to dethrone him. Following the death threat from his enemy, Naina decides to find a suitable successor for him in the form of his son-in-law.

On the other end, timid Johnny is in love with Naina's daughter and a mistake committed by the don's side kicks help the hero to marry his daughter easily. What happens next is the best part of the film.

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 3

"Enakku Innoru Per Irukku" has opened to positive reviews. It has impressed viewers with its content, which is loaded with full of comedy. Especially, youths have liked the movie even though the screenplay is not up to the mark at parts. Here, find what audience are saying about the flick:

Kaushik (LMK): #EnakkuInnoruPerIrukku - 3 /5.. Comedy works big time, mostly. Darlings @gvprakash @samanton21 deliver a cracking youthful entertainer
#EnakkuInnoruPerIrukku - 3 /5.. Almost all hit films & stars are referenced. Kabali, Thala Thalapathy, 24, Baahubali etc etc. Grt fun.
#EnakkuInnoruPerIrukku - 3 /5.. A timid man overcomes his fears and becomes the Royapuram 'Naina'. Comedy feast. Catered to the Youth
#EnakkuInnoruPerIrukku - 3 /5.. Big step forward for @gvprakash who stands tall as an entertainer. Comedy, Dance. Continues the local image
#EnakkuInnoruPerIrukku - 3 /5.. Yogi Babu, Karunaas (with his Baahubali click language),M.Rajendran, VTV Ganesh - comedy battalion rocking

Hari: #EIPI #EnakkuInnoruPerIrukku the surprise rowdy @gvprakash is convincing indeed, comical and fun paced. Good to c @templemonkeys @igtamil

VJ Abishek: Feeling where 'en elaarum ipdi sirikaraanga' effect while watching #EIPI #Udhayam theatre is enjoying d movie! Waitin 4 more entertainment.
Playing to the gallery, #EIPI does entertain but nothing as such happens! #YogiBabu fares better than d rest! @gvprakash 's energy wins.

Rajasekar: #EIPI is a rollicking entertainer. Sure shot @gvprakash @samanton21 stress buster.
#EIPI is a rollicking entertainer. Sure shot @gvprakash @samanton21 stress buster

Ramesh: #EnakkuInnoruPerIrukku [3/5]: Dir @samanton21 knows the pulse of the youth audience well.. Has packaged with lot of comedy.. Good Timepass
#EnakkuInnoruPerIrukku [3/5]: @gvprakash 's two songs in the 1st half worked well.. BGM is good.. Editing by @AntonyLRuben is crisp..
#EnakkuInnoruPerIrukku [3/5]: #Anandhi doesn't have much to perform.. #Karunas with his Kiliki lang dialogues is awesome.. So is #YogiBabu
#EnakkuInnoruPerIrukku [3/5]: @gvprakash is back to his form as he was in #TIN & #Darling.. His comic timing is good.. Youth relates to him
#EnakkuInnoruPerIrukku [3/5]: A fun entertainer.. Non-stop Comedy.. Lot of spoof scenes of Popular Mass Movies.. Caters to the youth.

Only Kollywood: Half way through #EnakkuInnoruPerIrukku. Hilarious and quite funny so far. @gvprakash and the entire supporting cast deliver superbly.

Surendhar MK: #EnakkuInnoruPerIrukku is rollicking fun. Thoroughly entertaining. Pop culture references galore 4m start to end. Crowd-pulling support cast

Saiganesh: #EIPI A complete entertainer from @gvprakash and @samanton21
Lots of spoof scenes which evokes laughter for the audience

Kannan: #EIPI - Director #SamAnton has delivered another winner by mixing right humour in gangster backdrop! #GVP's songs & BG score work well too!!
#EIPI - #GVP back to his best & #Anandhi good but it's terrific supporting cast who keep the proceedings lively with their comedy touch!
#EnakkuInnoruPerIrukku - Super cool action entertainer that works 4 most parts due to hilarious spoof sequences throughout. Watch it! (7/10)