Emraan Hashmi
Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi is planning to take his son Ayaan abroad for chemotherapy.Reliance Digital Store/Flickr

Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi is planning to take his son Ayaan abroad for chemotherapy.

"He is likely to be discharged tomorrow. As the surgery was successful, they are likely to go abroad for treatment...for chemotherapy," sources told PTI.

The actor got a reference from cricketer Yuvraj Singh and the toddler will undergo chemotherapy in the same hospital in the US, where Yuvraj underwent cancer treatment two years ago. The 32-year-old cricketer, who was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in his left lung in 2011, was completely cured after receiving treatment at the Cancer Research Institute in Boston and Medicine Facilities in Indianapolis, Indiana.  

Last Monday, doctors at the Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai detected a tumour in Ayaan's kidney. Medical tests and scans revealed that the cancer was in the first stages.  

The actor's uncle and filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt revealed the news to media last week. "I got a call from Emraan at about 12.30 on Monday. He was speaking some garbled words and it was a call that kind of shattered me as he was inconsolable. He was calling from Hinduja Hospital where his four-year-old son Ayan had been diagnosed with a tumour in his kidney that was found malignant,"  Bhatt told The Times of India.

On 15 January, doctors successfully operated on the three-year-old and removed the tumour. The tumour has been sent for tests and doctors are waiting for the test results to decide whether the tumour is malignant or benign.

Ayaan is the first child of Emraan and his wife Parveen. The couple, who tied the knot in 2006, welcomed their son to the world on 3 February 2010.