Emraan Hashmi
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Emraan Hashmi, who went on to sell tickets of Salman Khan-Jacqueline Fernandez starrer, "Kick" outside the Gaiety multiplex in Bandra on 26 July had to witness an unpleasant situation.

The actor, who was in the theatre to promote his upcoming film "Raja Natwarlal" had to leave early when the crowd gathered to watch Khan's movie became wild and uncontrollable at the glimpse of the actor.

"Emraan was supposed to come at around 8pm but he was a little late. In the film 'Raja Natwarlal,' he plays a con man, so the idea was to have him sell tickets of Salman Khan's film, 'Kick,' in black. But since it is a solo release and Bandra is the hub of Salman Khan fans, there was a big crowd at the venue," an eye witness told the Mid-Day.

Considering that Hashmi has a strong fan followers, the makers of "Raja Natwarlal" believed that if he sells fake or invalid tickets, it is unlikely that people will doubt his intentions. 

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But the situation turned opposite, when the people who eagerly came to watch "Kick" bought tickets from Hashmi, and realised that the tickets were for a late show and not the immediate one they came to watch. This irked some of them, who demanded the actor to leave the venue. The situation turned so wild that he had to leave the spot as soon as possible. The "Murder" actor, apparently could only stay at the place for about fifteen minutes.

"When the actor entered the venue, one fan threw a polythene bag full of wrappers at him. Fortunately, Emraan saw it coming and turned away just in time; the bag hit his bodyguard's hand instead. Soon after, the actor realised that the situation was getting out of hand, he left the place much earlier than he had planned to," the source added.