Episode 2 of Empire season 4 is titled Full Circle.Facebook/Empire

Empire will be back with another interesting episode of season 4 next Wednesday, October 4, at 8 pm EST. Episode 2 is titled Full Circle, and will revolve around the various efforts made by Lucious to seek answers about his past.

The official synopsis for the second episode indicates that the hip-hop mogul will go in search of his old friend to find out what type of a person he was before the explosion. When Cookie realises that his baby daddy has gone missing, she panics.

Since the hip-hop mogul goes missing on Claudia's watch, the queen bee will probably confront her. Showrunner Ilene Chaiken has already teased a rivalry between the two in the upcoming episodes of the FOX musical drama.

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"She starts out wanting to trust and believe that Claudia is dedicated to rehabilitating Lucious' memory, but with a healthy skepticism. She's going to watch Claudia closely and monitor her progress with Lucious, and if Claudia gives Cookie any reason to mistrust her, you can be sure that Cookie will take matters into her own hands," Chaiken said in an interview with Variety.

However, the showrunner admitted that it would be easy for the queen bee to take down the nurse. According to her, Claudia is very different from all the other female competitors Cookie has dealt with.

"While we've seen Cookie go up against female competitors in the past, Claudia, with her background in psychology and her unique mind meld with Lucious — or Dwight, as she refers to him — would be a whole new kind of adversary for Cookie, and she'll need to acquire some new weapons to take her on," Chaiken said.

The showrunner also teased a change in character for the nurse. "Maybe her motives are pure, but she certainly is becoming very attached to him, and I would just say: Frankenstein's monster," she said.