Taraji P Henson as Cookie Lyon and Jussie Smollett as Jamal Lyon in Empire season 3.Facebook/Empire

Empire season 3 will be back with episode 3 on October 5 at 9pm EST on Fox Network. The sequel is titled What Remains is Bestial and it will revolve around Jamal Lyon's musical carrier.

Moreover, the episode will show Jussie Smollett's character making some efforts to regain his voice with the help of global icon Mariah Carey. The sequel will also feature Terrence Howard as Lucious, Taraji P Henson as Cookie, Bryshere Y Gray as Hakeem and Trai Byers as Andre Lyon.

Click here to watch Empire season 3 live online. The sequel will also be available online here.

Executive producer Ilene Chaiken has already revealed that the Vision of Love singer will have a prominent role to play in the musical drama series. But he refused to spill out more details of the character and said that it really depends on the story.

"We look at it in terms of, if we had written that character and she had three episodes, it wouldn't have been Mariah unless Mariah could give us those three episodes," Deadline quoted the 59-year-old as saying.

"As it happened, this was a one-episode story and a character who may come back in the second half of the season for another episode. But simply, we were looking for a musical star to play that role, and were lucky to get Mariah to play it," she added.

Check out the official synopsis of episode 3 here:

Cookie calls in a favour with mega-superstar Kitty (guest star Mariah Carey) to record a new song with Jamal, hoping he will overcome his inability to perform. Meanwhile, Andre runs into some trouble and things don't go as planned. Cookie and Luscious are at odds, Hakeem and Gram (guest star Romeo Miller) fight for Tiana's attention, and things heat up between Cookie and Angelo Dubois.

Watch the trailer of What Remains is Bestial below: