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American musical drama television series, "Empire" has been ruling the chart ever since its debut on FOX on 7 January, 2015, attracting 9.90 million viewers on the first day and 10.32 million in the second episode aired last week. The third episode titled "The Devil Quotes Scripture" also had sequences that kept viewers hooked to their chairs.

The musical drama aired on Wednesday showed a glimpse of what life would be like for the Lyons family had Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) not made it big in life.

"The Devil Quotes Scripture" episode started with Tianna shooting a provocative music video and Hakeem (Bryshere Gray) as one of her backup singers. Jamal Lyon (Jussie Smollett) asks Lucious to get him some gigs but the latter is not willing to, until he gets back to the studios. He then approaches Cookie to give him a chance, which she obliges but with the condition that he covers of other people's songs.

Lucious continues to let down his family with his indifferent attitude when his ex-wife Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) asks him about his plan for the funeral of her cousin Bunkie (Antoine McKay) who was found murdered. He also seems uninterested when a detective tells him that they had found a witness to the murder. The funeral singing is beautiful and Lucious weeps talking about Bunkie.

The detective believes that Old Salty, a homeless man, is the witness to the murder of Bunkie. Then Andre (Trai Byers), eldest son of Lyon family, pays the deputy mayor to get more information about the said witness. Interestingly, he returns home for a sexcapade with Rhonda (Kaitlyn Doubleday).

Now, Cookie, who has links with FBI, is on a mission to find out her old friend Dwayne "Puma" Robinson (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) and goes to Lucious' office. She meets Puma and asks him to write a song for Jamal. Initially he declines, but finally gives in and sends her a song that takes her back to drug dealing days with Lucious.

The detective meets Old Salty with beers for tips on Bunkie's murder. The homeless man keeps talking of a "lion". Then he shows him a photo of Lucious and asks him if that was the "lion", to which he responds affirmatively.

Then Jamal sang Puma's song, which he initially hates, at the family's dinner. Interestingly, Lucious had bought the song from Puma years ago. He didn't like the song back then but loves it now and thinks that it will suit John Legend.

Now, Jamal is angry by the fact that Lucious wants his song. Things take a drastic turn when the latter visits the former. Jamal, who is a gay, tells his father, "You hate me." He packs up his things and says, "I'm going after his empire" after his dad mentions that he was paying for the apartment he was staying.

Now, this could be the beginning of a big war in the Lyon family!

(Image Credit: Screenshot from "Empire" YouTube Video)