Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield
Actors Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield pose for photographs at the world premiere of The Amazing Spiderman 2 in central London, April 10, 2014.Reuters

Spiderman stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone parted ways almost a year back, but the love they had for one another is still intact. In a recent interview she said he was someone whom she loved very much.

"It's been a good year," Stone told Vogue. "And sad. Pros and cons." It's surprising that Stone opened up about her relationship with the actor as shortly after the split the actress said she does not like to talk about her romances because it's special to her and it doesn't feel good to talk about it.

Stone and Garfield dated for about four years and the split was confirmed in October 2015. At the time, a source close to the couple told Us Weekly that they remain friendly even after the split. "They still have a lot of love for one another and they are on good terms with each another and remain close," the insider said of the Amazing Spider-Man costars. "It just wasn't working."

But now that she has admitted to being in love with him, could they be headed for a reconciliation? Only time will tell, as the duo isn't new to splitting up and getting back together.

Garfield and Stone got together while working on the Amazing Spider-Man, and the described working with Stone as wild and exciting. Speaking to Teen Vogue, the actor said: "Throughout shooting, it was wild and exciting. I couldn't help but try to stay with her, keep pace with her, and not let her get away. Like an animal preying on a smaller animal, but a wily smaller animal."