Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone
Andrew Garfield and Emma StoneReuters

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have been in the news more often for their relationship status than their professional lives. The couple's relationship has been subjected to various speculations and rumours over the past year. And now, reports suggest they may have moved on with new partners and may soon confirm their break-up.

It's been almost a year since rumours about the Stone-Garfield break-up came out. And given that the couple has always kept a low profile, nobody has a clue whether those rumours were true or whether they are still together. While neither officially announced anything, a bunch of paparazzi photos on the web left us believing the "Amazing Spider-Man" co-stars are still together.

But then, recently the web has been flooded with stories that suggest both Stone and Garfield have confirmed their break-up and moved on with new partners: They celebrated Valentine's Day apart. There have been various reports of Stone sneaking around with her "La La Land" co-star Ryan Gosling, while Garfield was spotted with a brunette in London recently.

Now, Movie News Guide, however, claims Stone and Garfield are very much in love and are just hiding behind these rumours. The report further said the couple is not revealing their real relationship status because they believe if they shield it from media, they will stick together. Apparently, the two have learnt that being in the spotlight can ruin their relationship and keeping it private will make it stronger.

The website also pointed out that this whole Stone-Garfield split drama and the Gosling link-up stories were just a publicity stunt to give Stone-Gosling-starrer "La La Land" a promotional boost. It said love affairs and relationship stories add spice and spark curiosity, which in turn work in a film's favour.

We don't know whether to believe these stories, but it looks like these rumours will continue to flow until we hear something officially. So, are Stone and Garfield ready to reveal their relationship status at least now?