German car company Volkswagen seems to have run into deep trouble with the scandal that exposed the company used cheat device in some of its diesel cars to pass emission tests illegally.

After the company admitted that some of its cars are fitted with the controversial engine that does not comply to emission standards in India, the Department of Heavy Industries is likely to direct the company to recall over 3 lakh cars. The cars fitted with the EA189-series diesel engines feature a cheat device which figure out when they're being tested for emissions, but in reality, emit much higher amounts of NOx while being driven on the road.

The cars fitted with the controversial engine in India also include some vehicles from Audi and Skoda under the Volkswagen umbrella.

Ambuj Sharma, additional secretary, Department of Heavy Industries, has told ET NOW the final report on VW Dieselgate by ARAI is expected to be released Monday (30 November). "The company will itself come forward for a recall depending on the final report," he added.

Volkswagen admitted in September that 1.1 crore diesel engine cars worldwide were fitted with the cheat that helped in manipulating emission tests. In the international market, the company has come up with discounts and buyback options to owners of the cars affected. A similar step is likely to be taken if the firm is found guilty in India.