Modi Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.
Modi with Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.Narendra modi Twitter handle

Ever wondered what Prime Minister Narendra Modi like to eat in his meals or what are his comfort food choices?  Chef Sanjeev Kapoor who had been invited to the United Arab Emirates by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, to cook for PM Narendra Modi, during his recent visit. The Padma Shri awardee, revealed a few of PM's favourite food items and the dishes that he cooked for him.

Kapoor who described cooking for Modi as an "absolute honour and privilege" said that the PM loves pure and simple vegetarian food. The celebrity chef made a lavish spread for PM wherein the vegetarian dishes were infused with an Arabic twist. Sanjeev also shared an interesting anecdote while talking to Gulf News. Speaking about parathas (Indian flat bread) made with drum sticks, he said, "We were talking about parathas [flat-breads] and he told me about this paratha made with drum-sticks. It sounded very interesting and I told him that I am going try making it in my kitchen."

He further added, that as the PM does not any allergies, it was easy to tailor around his food needs.

Here's a list of few dishes that Modi enjoys:

  • Dosas
  • Beetroot minced kebabs
  • Rice and dal
  • Paranthas made with drum-sticks
  • Khichdi

These are the food that Modi enjoyed in UAE:

  • Fat-bread with nine 'ancient' grains such as millets and rice.
  • Modi also liked ful medames, a dish cooked with fava or broad beans and served with vegetable oil, cumin, onions and other toppings. The PM compared the fava beans dish with the Indian paav bhaji.
  • Modi equally enjoyed the Emirati dessert aseeda fused with rice cake, and said that it was similar to the Indian halwa.
  • No meat version of harees, which is usually made with wheat and meat.
  • Meezes containing hummus along with an Indian raita (curd) with sprinklings of pomegranate and walnuts were some of the highlights.
  • Saffron rice infused with stock from different Indian spices
  • Quinoa cake
  • An appetizer called Moong dal bhujia
  • A pumpkin pudding dessert

Check out the dishes that Kapoor cooked for Modi: