Indian Parliament
Indian ParliamentReuters/B Mathur

The UPA government recorded yet another victory in the NCTC battle when the amendments by the BJP on the anti-terror body were put to vote in the Rajya Sabha Tuesday.

Visibly irked opposition walked out from the House as majority of members cast vote against the motion.

On Monday, various amendments were moved on the National Counter-Terrorism Centre (NCTC) by main opposition parties like the BJP, the BJD and the CPI (M). Eventually, the motions were struck down in the floor of the Lok Sabha.

The amendments, moved in the Rajya Sabha, also met with the same fate. As many as 105 members voted against the BJP's motion while 88 ruled in favor.

The back-to-back victory of the UPA in both the Houses is building up the possibilities of setting up the proposed ant-terror agency across the states. However, while addressing the Lok Sabha on Monday, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh assured that the agencies would not go live before considering the concerns all the Chief Ministers.

The NCTC, which is supposed to be formed March 1, was put on hold following the slew of protest by the state heads across the nation.

The government completely believes that induction of the NCTC will contain the terrorism effectively including internal security issues like Maoist extremism.

Meanwhile, seven chief ministers, including an ally of UPA, Mamata Banerjee, perceive it as a treat to the federalism.