Elton John Condemns Homophobia During Concert in Russia
Elton John Condemns Homophobia During Concert in RussiaReuters

Renowned singer Elton John criticized Russian homophobia during a concert in St. Petersberg held on 9 November.

His comment was in reference to the taking down of Apple founder Steve Jobs' memorial in the city after the current CEO Tim Cook revealed he was gay, John said that if people start punishing others for expressing themselves then "the world will lose its humanity".

The agitated singer told the crowd: "I'm not big on technology, but I love my iPad. They're amazing, aren't they? The way they can connect us to the things and people we love... How dignified that St. Petersburg should erect a memorial to Steve Jobs, the remarkable founder of Apple. But last week it was labeled 'homosexual propaganda' and taken down. Can this be true?" He asked the audience.

He said that Steve Jobs' memory cannot be rewritten just because his successor came out as gay, the Irish Examiner reported. "If his memorial is labelled as gay propaganda, then Apple's iPads must be so too."

Rolling Stone magazine reported that the openly gay singer further said, "As a gay man, I've always felt so welcome here in Russia."

He tried to strike a chord with the audience by reminding them how they enjoyed his songs, and danced to it and even sang along. He said that if he had not been honest about his identity, he would not have been able to write the same music that they cherished. "It's not gay propaganda. It's how I express life," The Guardian reported.

During a concert in Moscow in 2013, John had condemned Russia's anti-gay laws, calling them "vicious". "In my opinion, it is inhumane and it is isolating," the singer added.

He said that he would like President Putin to know that there are a few people in Russia who deserve the right to be heard and treated with the same respect and warmth as others.