Ellen DeGeneres with Portia De Rossi
Ellen DeGeneres with Portia De RossiReuters

Rumours of discord between Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have been swirling around for a while now, with various tabloids saying it won't be long before the duo calls it quits. But the couple has managed to stay strong, and DeGeneres has on more than one occasion shut down divorce talks.

But this hasn't stopped tabloids from writing about the state of their marriage. According to a new "National Enquirer" report, de Rossi is leaving DeGeneres for a man. "Portia Leaves Ellen For A Man!" screams the headline of the tabloid, and the accompanying story says de Rossi is leaving DeGeneres for her "Scandal" co-star Matthew Del Negro.

"This is the end. Ellen and Portia have been squabbling and drifting apart for some time. But for Portia to leave Ellen for a man is the culmination of Ellen's worst fears," a source is quoted as saying by the reports.

Gossip Cop has denied the National Enquirer report and a source close to DeGeneres even pointed out "the 'Enquirer' has officially stopped even trying to make their lies believable."

Last year, DeGeneres opened up to Howard Stern about the constant speculation regarding her seven-year marriage to de Rossi, saying they are the last ones to know about such divorce rumours.

"We don't know anything about it until somebody tells us," the talk show host told Stern. "I don't read the tabloids, and I don't have a publicist."

She added: "I don't understand why they do this. We're kind of flattered because for a while no one cared about us and we thought 'Oh, lesbians aren't worthy of tabloid stories' so now we're kind of flattered that they care about us.

"We really don't almost break up, we don't fight, we're madly in love, and I guess it's boring," DeGeneres said.