Ellen DeGeneres with Portia De Rossi
Ellen DeGeneres with Portia De RossiReuters

For some time now, there have been strong indications that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are having marital troubles. Reports further suggest that the couple are facing a tough time due to Rossi's drug problem.

According to InTouch Weekly that cited an informed source, de Rossi secretly entered the Passages Malibu rehab facility for a 30-day treatment, during which Ellen is said to have visited her to help her recover.

Though in the official reports it stated that de Rossi was taking treatment for over-eating, rumors state otherwise.

As per a RadarOnline report, the actress not only has a drinking problem, but has been doing drugs too. She went from a glass of wine to finishing up a bottle and sometimes would top it off with pills.

Amidst these rumours, de Rossi and DeGeneres reportedly often have "vicious shouting matches" where they pour out "cruel, soul-crushing put-downs."

The problem started after DeGeneres is said to have confronted her partner over her drinking and pill addiction issues. Buzz also suggests that de Rossi blames DeGeneres for her drinking problems, as she claims that it was the TV host who drove her into isolation.

It is also being said that in May, the issue got really out of hand, and the TV host told de Rossi to get out of the house.

de Rossi might reportedly get a divorce because she has a drug problem, and that is what is causing a rift between her and DeGeneres, according to Inquisitr. The report noted that Rossi's drug habit would wreck their marriage.

The duo married for the last five years has reportedly been facing a tough time in their marriage, and many blame DeGeneres for her controlling nature.

de Rossi previously had accepted that she used to take drugs to control her diet in the past but her recent rehab stints raises questions on her addiction problem.

Amidst the growing divorce rumours, the couple is also said to be working on improving their marriage, including talking to a marriage counselor.

Meanwhile, the Oscar host has dismissed the divorce rumors, and recently proclaimed her love for de Rossi, saying that she "falls more in love with Portia all the time." She even said her marriage is "better than ever," reported People.