Ellen DeGeneres Meets the 'Apparently' Kid After a Video went Viral
'Apparently' kid on the Ellen DeGeneres talk showScreenshot/Youtube

A five-year-old kid got a chance to meet Ellen DeGeneres after his first interview on television went viral 'apparently'.

Noah Ritter, resident of Wilkes-Barre in Pennsylvania, was spotted by local news channel WNEP at the Wayne County Fair. According to the Huffington Post, the reporter Sofia Ojeda asked a simple question at the County Fair, "What did you think about the ride?"

On this, the enthusiastic Ritter took the microphone from Ojeda and went on speaking more than what he was asked. He talked about his grandpa to the Powerball to the effects of dizziness in one go, reports the Huffington Post. And the word, which took everyone's attention was the word 'apparently'.

In the video, Ritter used the word 'apparently' for more than six times within a minute of speaking. Apart from all this, the kindergarten fellow said he wanted to be a palaeontologist when he grows up, not a reporter, according to WNEP.

The one-minute-32-second clip was posted on YouTube on 4 August and has been received more than six million views until the time of reporting.

Then the popularity brought him on the Ellen DeGeneres talk show, which proved that the cute Ritter is full of life and fun.

The tiny internet sensation made the audience as well as DeGeneres laugh their hearts out. Though the host hardly understood what Ritter talked about in the show, but it was proved why the little guy became so popular on internet.

In the talk show, when DeGeneres asked him about his new word. Ritter said 'seriously', he said now he doesn't use 'apparently'. And yeah he grabbed the whole show with his 'apparently' witty and 'seriously' funny nature.