Netflix's hit series, Elite will be back with the fourth season. While there has been the addition of new casts, there will be old cast members who will return to the show. Samuel, Guzman, Omar, Cayetana, are some of the old characters from the show who will be returning to the fourth segment of the web series. 

Netflix released a new video content, to announce the release date and cast of their latest season, and it couldn't have been done in a more 'elite' manner. With a black background, the young students of Las Encinas can be seen dancing to rap music, socialising with their people, and basically acting cool in the presence of a camera. 

Elite Season 4

Elite is one of the popular Spanish web series which gained fame worldwide. The series is based on students of an Elite school, Las Encinas, where only three scholarship students from underprivileged families get a chance to avail themselves of the best of education that Spain has to offer. 

On entering the campus of Las Encinas one can witness a gap in the social circle; the rich kids and the poor kids. While there are exceptions not everybody welcomes the rich kids who willfully choose to mingle with the underprivileged children. 

After a series of murders, cases of drug abuse, sexual abuse, the privileged and the underprivileged children learn to unite and stand by each other. Each time a murder takes place, the underprivileged children become prime suspects without trial or evidence. However, the gap gets bridged in the coldest, possible ways when the young children learn about the real murderer in the class.