Sakshi Agarwal and Kavin
Sakshi Agarwal and Kavin.PR Handout

Sakshi Agarwal is apparently fuming over Kavin's latest comment that she was the first to express her love for him. The actress has now released a video, in which she has asked a few questions, to prove that he is spreading lies about their relationship.

In the clip, she says, "I need answers for three questions. Firstly, who expressed the love first among the two? Housemates know the truth and I want the audience to know it as I am not sure how much people know about our relationship."

Sakshi has spoken about Kavin lashing out at her in strong words in the washroom when the cultural and language issue had cropped up during her stay. She claims that she had forgiven him as they had a close bonding.

Sakshi adds Kavin to have claimed that she fulfils his four criteria to tie the knot. While speaking with Sherin, he allegedly told that she needs to visit his home in order to meet Sakshi after Bigg Boss Tamil 3, she recalls. "After speaking in that tone to marriage limits, he is now making allegations against me. I don't think I played a game with anyone."

The eliminated Bigg Boss Tamil contestant says that she had tried to sort out misunderstandings with Kavin and Losliya, but they showed no interest to solve the issue.

Sakshi Agarwal and Kavin were good friends in the first few weeks in Kamal Haasan-hosted show and looked like love was in the air. Unfortunately, he turned his attention towards Losliya in the later weeks resulting in a lot of drama inside the house.

The 29-year old ends on the note that Kavin changes girls like the way he changes his shirts.