Vadivelu is back with his latest movie, "Eli". The Tamil spy-comedy movie, which  is written and directed by Yuvaraj Dhayalan, has opened to negative reviews.

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It is Yuvaraj Dhayalan's second movie with Vadivelu after "Tenaliraman", which was a comeback movie of the actor after a gap of two years.

A poster from Vadivelu's "Eli".IB Times India

Actress Sadha plays the role of the female lead in "Eli" and this is one of the attractions of the movie. Pradeep Rawat, Kitty, Adithya, Mahanadi, Rajendran and others are in the cast.

The story is set in the backdrop of the 80's Madras.The hero Eli (Vadivelu) is a petty theif, who wanted to be a cop. But as the fate has it, he gets an opportunity to work for the police department as a spy. His assignment is to trap a smuggling team in the police net. How he does it forms the crux of the story.restrictions. As a result, it has turned out to be an out-and-out comedy movie.

"Eli" has opened to negative reviews from the audience and critics. People have blamed the poor narration and said that the film lacks comedy element. They have decalred it as a boring film. Below, we bring you the audience response to the movie:

The Protagonist Tweeted
Watching #Eli .Decent start! Point to be noted is that even Vadivelu's voice during Tobacco Warning gets max cheer from kids..He neva fades!
#Eli Few scenes like Vadivelu remakin the full Mere Sapna Ki hindi song along with Sadha in 2nd half irritates us.They can cut short it..
#Eli A decent comeback for Vadivelu after a disasterous Thenaliraman..Vadivelu scores with his Mannerisms..Once watchable 3/5
Watching #Eli .Decent start! Point to be noted is that even Vadivelu's voice during Tobacco Warning gets max cheer from kids..He neva fades!

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 2

Karthikeyan Arumugam Posted
#Eli #elimovie good entertainment unlimited fun laugh guarantee @Actor_Vadivelu @dir_yd #Vadivelu #Sadha

Its People Choice Posts
#Eli : watch it if u want to see Vadivelu on screen. Watch it in theatres #SayNoToPiracy. All the best team #Eli
#Eli : Old style of comedy drama and they served old type of wine in too old glass. Technically nothing in Tis #Eli.
#Eli : Vadivelu sir did his as usual comedy will made u laugh sometimes. Weak script let down and dono how will audience react for this #Eli

Gautham Nanban Tweeted
#Eli (2.75/5) Strictly For #VaigaiPuyal #Vadivelu Fans & Kids , Liked Few Songs & #Sadha's Extended Role , Vadivelu Rocked His Role Asusual
#Eli (2.75/5) Average 1st Half & Above Average 2nd Half , #Vadivelu Did His Best But Bad Screenplay & Predictable Storyline Spoils The Film

Haricharan Pudipeddi Wrote
#Eli a Pink Panther wannabe that struggles to entertain but succeeds to an extent eventually.
The near perfection with which Vadivelu lip-synced to a Hindi song in #Eli needs to be applauded. Most actors don't even take that effort

Only_Vikram Posted
Vadivelu has lost his charm. #Eli can't sit and watch this mindless irritating comedy he is trying to do. #Eli - 2/5.

Raisa Nasreen Posted
Showtime: Vadivelu's #Eli
#Eli: Namma Vadivelu ku enna dhan achu. Sorry can't blame him. Movie is moving at snails pace.
#Eli: What am I watching? What is this.

Dinesh Tweeted
Now watching #ELI at Kamala :) #Housefull #MainScreen
#Eli- Cliched story with poor writing. Not even once i laughed my ass out. Guessed this may happen while i saw the trailer.
#ELI- Vadivelu must start selecting scripts based on realtime. He is not picking the right directors. He's great actor but being misused.
#ELI- That naturality in Vadivelu's comedy is no where in the movie. He is shown so artificial with mindless comedy. Waste of time.
#ELI - Pain in the ass.

Ramesh Wrote
Watching Actor #Vadivelu - #Sadaa 's #Eli
#Eli 1st Half: Movie set in 1960's Madras moves at a slow pace.. Jokes r very few and far between.. Expecting a much better 2nd half..
#Eli [2.25/5]: 1960's Madras Props r used correctly in most scenes.. I wish the same care was applied to writing.. Kids may like it..
#Eli [2.25/5] : Scenes r boring and lengthy.. Laughs r predictable.. #Vadivelu tries his best.. But script is not helping.. #Sadaa is OK!
#Eli [2.25/5] : The movie's concept of 1960's Madras and a Petty Thief infiltrating a gang looks gud on paper.. But falters on execution..

Surendhar MK Posted
Watching #Eli is turning out to be an excruciating experience. What a terrible yawnfest this film is.
#Eli - An appallingly spiritless film that is replete with run-of-the-mine comedy and stick-in-the-mud ideas. Boring! 2/5

Priyanka- Photos 4 U Posted
My colleague watching #Eli... says had huge expectations... it has not meet her expectations...boring at parts #Vadivelu ...

Common Man Sathish Posted
#Eli First Half - Strictly for hardcore Vadivelu fans, who laughs for whatever he does.
‪#‎Eli‬ - Vadivelu occupies the screen completely for 150 minutes & tries to engage the audience with his wonderful voice accent & body language, but couldn't do it yet again.

Saravanan Tweeted
#Eli sure black buster

Prashanth Tweeted
Watching the whole movie will be an acheivement ( not saying because of personal grudge) . #Eli.
#Eli - 2/5 . Vadivelu does not deserve a crap like this.

Office of Mr. Venky Posted
Heard that #Eli Tamil movie is a Super Duper Comedy hit. Great going Vadivelu. Welcome back! Packed houses, rib tickling laughter itseems :)