Amidst several incidents of cruelty against animals that surfaced in the past, another video has now created outrage on social media. 

IFS officer Sudha Ramen shared a video that revealed how a crowd was chasing an elephant down a street. Not just that, people can be heard hysterically laughing at the scene while taking the video. The location of the incident remains unknown. 


In an attempt to educate and raise awareness among people, IFS Ramen shared a thread along with the video, which read, "Unlike humans, animals don't limit or know their boundaries. When it comes to elephants, the memories of passage are carried across generations. People living near forest areas or near d corridors should not panic, as this could trigger d animal. They too have d right to passage."

"Across India, the forest department has been working hard to address this issue. Let me tell you, each case is different and there is no 'one-solution'. Anthropogenic pressure is mounting up over d forests & wildlife, so the animals are equally the same stress. Awareness is d key."

"People who are really concerned give efforts to understand the problem and works done by the FDs to mitigate this issue. We appreciate such genuine concerns and not others who always point fingers. For many this is just social media, for us, this is our profession and we work with passion.

The reason for sharing these videos is to educate ourselves about such issues and to know how we have to behave in such cases. People who understand this will stay aware and will also educate others around!!!

We Need Very Strict Animal Cruelty Laws: Netizens appalled 

One netizen wrote, "The poor elephant! It's important to educate people and educate our children from school age, about kindness and respect for animals and our environment. Disgraceful behaviour of humans never fails to floor me."

"We Need Very Strict Animal Cruelty Laws Coupled With Simplification Of Process So That These Monsters Rot In Jails And Examples Are Made Out Of Them!", another wrote. 

While another wrote, "Crazy people. Have no mercy for a poor animal, perhaps mistakenly entered into human habitats. Such mentality shows how we are degraded." 

Watch the video here: