In the latest episode of CBS' "Elementary" titled "Evidence of Things Not Seen," it seems Joan Watson will be taking a break from her apprenticeship with Sherlock and work for the FBI.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, Morland offers to use his influence to have Sherlock and Joan reinstated as consultants to the NYPD, but Sherlock questions his father's motive as he is curious that why Morland is offering help all of a sudden.

Meanwhile, Watson helps the FBI investigate a triple homicide at a top secret research lab.

Though Watson is away from Holmes for now, it seems she will return once her work with the FBI is done. However, even though Holmes isn't accepting it, he is already missing Watson's company.

Latin Post reported that episode 2 continues on after the events of season 4 premiere episode titled "The Past is Parent" where Sherlock is visited by his father, Morland Holmes. Sherlock was not very happy to meet him and he suspected that there must be some motive behind his visit.

The teaser of the episode showed that Watson doesn't trust Morland much as she asked him straightforwardly about his intentions.

It seems that someone from Watson's family may show up soon too. In an interview with Design & Trend, Rob Doherty, series executive producer, disclosed that Watson's stepdad might appear in one of the future episodes.

"A few episodes in the season we're going to meet her stepfather and discover they too have a pretty complicated relationship," Doherty said.

Watson's mother has already appeared on the show twice. Now that Morland has made an appearance, Sherlock's mother may also be introduced in one of the episodes soon.