Next-Gen PGA Tour Golf Game Screenshot by EA
Next-Gen PGA Tour Golf Game Screenshot by

Electronic Arts has revealed the first screenshot of its upcoming next-gen PGA Tour Golf game title. The game is said to come with more number of customisations and is under development stages.

"EA SPORTS golf fans have always loved authentic courses and players, but they've also asked for more choice and customization in how and where they play.  We're working on a new approach to deliver the best golf experience to our fans," stated Daryl Holt, vice president and general manager of Golf in EA Sports in a blog post.

EA sports and Tiger Woods have also decided to end their partnership on a mutual basis according to Holt. He also added that EA has wished him of his continued success in all his "future endeavours."

It has been confirmed that the next-gen PGA Tour golf game, along with consoles, will also arrive on smartphones. "EA SPORTS is committed to creating a new golf experience that leverages the best technologies across EA to deliver a stunning and immersive game for mobile and next generation consoles," posted Holt.

The screenshot provided in the EA blog includes one from the next-gen, which is being developed, and one of the current-gen. One could clearly see the dynamic weather changes in the next-gen with more clear graphics and water-reflections. One would have to wait for the game to release in order to experience various new features and customisations.

In related news, it has been noted that Electronic Arts has entered in a deal with Ken Block, a global racing icon for its Need for Speed game series. This multi-year partnership makes Block the Racing Advisor for the franchise, which will help the gaming firm to "push the action and adrenaline of racing to new limits."