With only two weeks to go until the British general election the opinion polls are all over the place and the pundits are saying the election is just too close to call.

At Pennywell Farm in Devon, they have come up with novel way of predicting the result – political pig racing.

Five micro pigs representing the four main parties and one representing the other smaller parties race every day and will continue to do so until voting day on 7 May.

There were five runners lining up to start the race: representing Labour is Ed Swiliband (Ed Miliband), David Hameron (David Cameron) is running for the Conservatives with Nigel Forage (Nigel Farage) for Ukip. The Liberal Democrats have Pork Clegg (Nick Clegg) and Pork Scratching is representing the other parties.

They do share several characteristics with politicians; they like to have their snout in the trough sometimes. Sometimes they can make you feel pig sick, often they are hamming it up, said Chris Murray, race organiser.

The course is some 150 yards long with four jumps aptly named, Bacon Brook, Trotters Turn, The Trough and Hogs Hurdle leading to the finish that is of course the door to Number 10 Downing Street.

In our footage of one race, after a sluggish start, it was David Hameron who was out in front sowing the seeds of success. Nigel Forage had an unorthodox approach, going under rather than over the jumps but kept pace with the leaders.

Well Im quite concerned actually because Nigel Forage seems to be coming through each time, but I think he could be disqualified because hes going under the jumps and I think every politician should be going over the hoops to get into power, so its actually, dare I say, open season and its any ones guess, said Murray.

At the last jump it was no longer David Hameron hogging the limelight having lost momentum. In the end it was a dead heat, which saw Ed Swiliband and Pork Clegg going through the door of Number 10 together.

A rather despondent David Hameron brought up the rear, more interested in snuffling on the ground than making it through the Number 10 door.

The prize for the micro pigs daily endeavours is extra food, apples and a long drink unlike their real life counterparts who are not adverse to a bit of mud-slinging.