The Elder Scrolls Online
The Elder Scrolls Online was released on 4 May, 2014.elderscrollsonline

If you have been stuck to the Elder Scrolls Online from the time it was first released for the likes of Xbox 360 and PS3, you should be knowing a thing or two about Craglorn. However, even if you have a faint idea about Craglorn, know that it's not always easy to master it, contrary to whatever your friends have to say about it.

Craglorn was one of the newest areas to be a part of the game's Adventure Zone. This is an area that was designed for end-game players to test and hone their skills. And although you might be eligible to enter the area with just Veteran Rank 1, the zone was originally designed for Veteran Ranks 11 and 12.

Are you already a certified master in Craglorn? If not, here are a few tips that will help you know this Adventure Zone better and assist you in tracking the different enemies that you will come across here.

The Elder Scrolls Online – Tips to Master Craglorn

  • As mentioned earlier, even though it's possible to enter Craglorn with just Veteran Rank 1, the areas was originally designed for all those who have already achieved Veteran Ranks 11 and 12.
  • Craglorn has a fairly distinctive trial system that is known to allow a group consisting of 12 players to run through the trials and be ranked accordingly via the online leaderboards.
  • While the top group is entitled to special rewards (based on leaderboard positioning), all the players inside it will also stand a chance to reap weekly rewards. The group that goes through the trials the fastest will be open to the special items.
  • If you and your group are looking to run through the trials, know that an experienced group will require 30 minutes on average to complete it. But if it's a newly formed group, consisting of random players, expect more than an hour to get things done.
  • In Craglorn, know that players will lose time if they are to resurrect a fallen party member. When Craglorn first hit off, it was allowing as many as 60 resurrections per trial. While that may seem a lot, it isn't as much if you consider the 12 player party bar per trial. Do the math yourself.
  • Players and groups that are really top-notch, and looking to top the leaderboards, will get through the trials without a single resurrection. And that will be quite a challenge to master for all other groups also with the same ambition.
  • Apart from all the challenges that you face in Craglorn via the trials, know that much of the zone in question is a vast open area, which aren't instanced like the trials.
  • The zone will allow groups of four to explore it and venture out on other quests that are on offer. And even though you will run into other groups in the area, all of them will be people that are from your faction. Also, there aren't any PvP battles to fight in Craglorn.
  • When traversing through the Craglorn area, you should come across delves. In case you aren't aware, delves are basically four-player dungeons that will further test your skills. You will also come across them if you run through the main storyline quests in the area.

How are you currently fairing in the Craglorn area in the Elder Scrolls Online? How far is your group from the top of the leaderboard? Let us know below.

[Source: Prima Games]