There's been a lot of outrage against web shows in recent times. Sometimes its for casteist slurs or misrepresentation. Hardly any shows have been spared in the process uniformly across platforms. Now, it's ALT Balaji's turn. 

Triple XXX came under fire online recently due to a scene in an episode that showed the Indian army in a bad light. Ekta Kapoor and the platform was pulled up, with FIRs filed against show and its makers. After Hindustani Bhau, the Youtuber filed his complaint, Ekta Kapoor was at the receiving end of social media backlash, now the producer has reacted to all that's been said about the show.

Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor reacts to XXX controversy

Triple X was caught in a controversy after a scene was called out for painting a bad image of the Indian army. In the scene, an army wife is having an extra-marital affair, during which she lets her boyfriend wear her husband's uniform. The scene offended many who asked responsibility from the makers of the show.

A complaint was filed against the show by Hyderabad Police, even Youtuber- Hindustani Bhau and Ex-Bigg Boss contestant filed a complaint against ALT Balaji and Ekta Kapoor. It began a whole trend against the Bollywood producer as people demanded the takedown of the offensive content.

The show's makers had responded to the earlier FIR and had edited the scene in the show. However, there was no reaction or response from Ekta Kapoor on all the criticism. However in a chat with Gul Panag, Shobha De, Malini Agrawal and Gurdeep Kohli she had opened up about all the hate that came her way on Twitter.

She said, "When we got to know that there was even an FIR lodged, we removed the content anyway because of the certification. Content aside, I don't have any qualms in putting out an apology to army's wives. We have no problems with them. What irritated me the most was that the cyberbullying started simultaneously when we had already put a stop. This gentleman thinks he's the 'patriot of the year'. He decided to come and abuse my mother and me and got his trolls to do the same. We have received rape threats on a social platform."

She said that apologies are the smallest part of the issue and they had made amends and rectified the content, but with the rape threats and lewd comments out of hate, promote the idea that "sex is bad but rape is okay." She asserted that she was going to stand up to cyberbullying because if the trolls decide to attack her online, they could do it to any other girl, she said.