Batman: Arkham Knight
Batman: Arkham Knight will release on 23 June,

 To be honest, the Batman Arkham series has been a sort of mixed bag for many gaming enthusiasts. 

There were a few who didn't really take a liking to Batman: Arkham Origins, but those doubts were soon put to rest, thanks to the release of Batman: Arkham City. And we are now dealing with the recently released Batman: Arkham Knight.

With the release of Arkham Knight, expectations are high. And going by what we have seen from the new game so far, it seems like the game has been moulded to resemble the previously released Arkham City – at least the combat system. 

But going by the fact that you are just starting off with the new Batman Arkham game, here are a few beginner's tips to help you tackle the bad guys in and around Gotham.

Know You Map – Sequence 1

  • The first order of business that you have to take care of in Batman: Arkham Knight is to learn the map well.
  • Note that this time around, there are guard posts, watch towers and drones that are scattered across the three islands in the sandbox world.
  • While it's not really possible to know all their locations at once, know that their locations will be added to your map once you successfully spot them.
  • If you are close enough to them, there's also a possibility of hearing the guards chatter on their radios. At other times, Alfred will keep dropping intel about their positions semi-regularly.
  • Keep in mind that both watch towers and airborne drones are easy to locate, provided you get to a high vantage point. Apart from that, you also have to keep a close eye on the mines that have been buried into Gotham's streets (cue: high-pitched beep and flashing red lights).

Booby Trap the Fallen

  • You are the Dark Knight, and it's absolutely imperative that you stay true to your tag. And one of the prime ways of doing that is to score stealth takedowns, which also looks pretty cool.
  • When you have successfully taken down an enemy without his mates noticing, just spray your ever-trusted explosive gel. 
  • Later, when his mates come in search of their fallen comrade, with the explosive gel already sprayed by the body, you can easily trigger an explosion that will take out multiple goons in one go.
  • If you found the trick a cool way to eliminate enemies, also keep in mind that there are several soldier types that can spot the explosive gel and render it useless. 

Keep Upgrading the Batclaw

  • If you pan the camera to the centre of the screen, it will show you a contextual pop-up, which means that you are now ready to use the Batclaw.
  • You can use the Batclaw either to pull yourself to a platform or to launch you in the air like a catapult, away from your enemies' reach.
  • Know that that Batclaw can be upgraded many times. On upgrading, you can speed up the repel mechanic of the gadget, with each upgrade adding bonus to the gadget.
  • If used properly, with all the upgrades done to it regularly, the Batclaw can be your most effective gadget to help you reach almost the nooks and the corners across the three distinct islands.

Take Down the Medic First

  • Leave out every other armed and dangerous fugitive running loose across the streets of Gotham and you will see that your biggest threats are the enemy medics.
  • As you may expect, the medics offer the biggest threat to Batman since they can breathe new life into knocked-out comrades if nearby.
  • Sure, with subsequent upgrades to your tech, you can disrupt the enemy medic's equipment, but until the upgrades are readily available, think of ways to take down the medics first before anyone else in the enemy camp.

Strategize Every Move

  • One of the best things about Arkham Knight is the fact that it has successfully retained the combat mechanics that were on offer with the previously released Batman: Arkham City, but that doesn't mean you will get into every fight fist-first.
  • Know that even though Bats is a formidable adversary, his intelligence is even more dangerous, giving him a dangerous head-start over his enemies.
  • When in enemy territory, locate every enemy's position and strategize over the best ways to take them out of your way so that when it's time to alert enemies about your presence, you won't have to fight blindly.
  • If you are not willing to take on an enemy directly, try finding alternate routes to your destination via rooms that will safely deliver you to the desired location.

Know You Map – Sequence 2

  • Your map is your eye to the entire sandbox world of Arkham Knight. And apart from locations of enemy occupations, there's more to it than meets the eye.
  • There are several locations on the map (two, actually) that open up side-missions. These depend solely on your ability to get a visual confirmation to locate them.
  • There are some kidnapped fire-fighters who are being held hostage in secret around the world, awaiting your help. When you discover them, be prepared to face an onslaught from enemies who will show absolutely no mercy – and Bats won't, either.
  • There are other detective missions on the map that sees a number of dead bodies ceremonially displayed on rooftops around Gotham, with their killer leaving an audio calling card. You cue here is the opera music that will be blasting from speakers while you explore Gotham.

Fight Your Fights Expertly

  • While we rejoice the fact that Arkham Knight has retained the combat mechanics of Arkham City, it still requires a bit of getting used to before you can start tackling bad guys like a boss.
  • To get used to the combat mechanics in Arkham Knight, it's better if you pick up random fights with the goons patrolling the streets of Gotham. Fighting them will give you a brief knowledge about what you are dealing with.
  • Rocksteady offers no real tutorial on how to commence fist fights, so it's better you chalk out your moves before you are trapped by a huge gang of goons.

Be Aware of the Invisibles

  • There are times in Gotham this time around when you will encounter certain soldiers whose equipment will hide them from your Detective mode.
  • You can later disrupt this with a future gadget upgrade, but to get a head start, keep out an ear for their radio chatter. There's the ever-familiar icon that still appears in Detective mode, offering a rough approximation to their locations.
  • How do you rate Batman: Arkham Knight, compared to Arkham Origins and Arkham City? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: GameReactor]