Egypt puppet
A screenshot from the Youtube video where the puppet announced that she will have her own show.Youtube Screenshot

Egypt's popular 'terrorist' puppet Abla Fahita is back with a bang!

Abla Fahita, a Muppet-styled puppet, was charged for 'terrorism' in 2014, following an advertisement for a mobile service provider in which she was accused of sending coded messages of a terror attack.

The puppet has now announced that she will be back with her own show, as per a video uploaded on YouTube. Her show is likely to be aired by Egypt's CBC television channel, according to Al Arabiya.

A conspiracy theorist Ahmad Spider had complained that the ad carried discreet warnings of a terror attack, in which he purported that a four-branched cactus that the puppet used as a Christmas tree was a symbol for an Islamist four-fingered salute, while an ornamental ball on the tree signified a bomb, according to albawaba.

The Egyptian government took the complaint seriously amidst its crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood organisation, and even ordered an investigation against the puppet.

The episode was condemned worldwide as being 'silly', and netizens demanded an end to it with a #FreeFahita hashtag last year. 

Vodafone later clarified that the accusations were 'irrational', and Fahita even engaged in an argument with her accuser on air, with the latter even threatening to put the puppet in 'jail'.

The military-backed Egypt government had launched a massive crackdown on anyone they claimed supported the Islamist organisation, and had even arrested a school boy, apart from also detaining several journalists last year.