An Egyptian news presenter found himself in a fix after he aired a video of what he thought was a Russian air raid on Islamic State (Isis).

The controversial TV host Ahmed Moussa did not know that the video, which he praised for depicting the "effectiveness" and "precision" of the Russian air strikes on Isis, was a footage taken from Apache: Air Assault, a combat flight simulator video game released in November 2010.

Moussa, who in March was sentenced to a year in prison for "airing false news", hosts a successful TV night show on the Sada el Balad channel. In his latest show on Sunday, he proudly presented to his viewers the video claiming how Russian President Vladimir Putin is terrifying the Isis.

"Let me tell you [pause] about Russia," Moussa said, as he screened the video during the show.

"Russia does not play around. America was just playing, it wasn't trying to hit Daesh [the Islamic State]. If anything, they were patting Daesh on the back, funding and arming them.

"The Russians did it. Yes, this is the Russian army, this is Russian weaponry, this is [Vladimir] Putin. Yes, they are countering terrorism, truly countering it. Now you will see a terrifying video, terrifying."

He then goes on a rant on how Russians do not joke about the war on terror. "Here it is, in front of you, live on air. We aren't making anything up. These images are satellite imagery. All of it," he said while gloating how Isis fighters were being wiped out by the Russians.

The video since then has gone viral in Egypt, where many social media users hit out against the TV presenter.

A Facebook user,  Ahmed Meligy said: "....his Team of producers did not realise that Russians do not speak English during a military operation. "Our brainWashing machine in Egypt needs some adjustments," he added sarcastically.

Another user Ahmad Metwally tauntingly said: " ...he speaks of accuracy and facts ... and saying this video was taken by satellite." While  Ahmad AboElhassan said: "I admired how confident he is .."

[Via: Egyptian Streets]