The examination of the human remains found along with the debris of the crashed EgyptAir flight MS804 indicates there was an explosion on the plane, the Associated Press reported, quoting a senior Egyptian forensics official as saying. The explosion is suspected to have caused the crash.

At least 80 small pieces of human remains were sent to a morgue in Cairo for forensic examination. "There isn't even a whole body part, like an arm or a head," the official told the AP on condition of anonymity.

"The logical explanation is that it was an explosion," he said. The forensics official is part of the Egyptian investigative team probing the crash of the Airbus A320.

However, investigators have not found any traces of explosives in the debris of the plane, Reuters reported. "The size of the remains points towards an explosion, the biggest part was the size of a palm. Some of the remains started arriving on Sunday in about 23 bags," a forensics official said.

The plane with 66 people on board was on its flight to Cairo from Paris when it disappeared from radar over the Mediterranean around 2.45 a.m. on Thursday. French President Francois Hollande later confirmed the aircraft had crashed into the Mediterranean Sea.

The Egyptian Navy found the debris of the plane, human remains and belongings of the passengers on board the flight the next day. Later, media reports said smoke alerts from the toilet and the aircraft's electricals were detected on the flight before the crash.

Former president of the French air accident investigation bureau (BEA) Jean-Paul Troadec had, on the day of accident, reportedly said there was a strong possibility of an explosion on board the plane "from a bomb or a suicide bomber."