Eddie Redmayne impressed us with his brilliant acting in ground-breaking movies like "The Theory of Everything" and "The Danish Girl", and his boyish charm and awkwardness during interviews made us swoon. Eddie is the embodiment of talent, dedication and perfection in the world of cinema and those are only three things that make us love him.

In celebration of his 34th birthday, which falls on Wednesday, 6 December, here are 10 more reasons why we love this brilliant actor:

  • Eddie entertains us with stories of his poorly gone auditions and proudly re-enacts them. During a "The Graham Norton Show" interview, he did the audition dance that landed him the role of Workhouse Boy No: 46 in a production "Oliver".  

  • His adorableness does not end there, Eddie (blushing) revealed to Graham Norton and fellow cutie Anna Kendrick, that he had his sexual awakening after seeing Narla from "The Lion King". "Look at her face, she is so sweet.. She can sing," backing his childhood crush. 

  • Like me and you, he has also lied on his CV. During the audition of "Elizabeth I", he claimed to know horse-riding, but against his best hopes, he was not a natural and almost ended up killing himself and 43 extras. 
  • It is high time we addressed that gorgeous lock of tousled hair he keeps rearranging and the subtle art of lip-biting he has mastered.
  • Eddie Redmayne is as beautiful as he is talented and it is impossible to decide which Redmayne is more pretty, male for drag – they are both equally daunting.
  • And to top it off, he has a smile, that can literally brighten up an entire room.
  • Back off ladies and gentlemen, because he is happily married and is clearly in love with his wife Hannah Bagshawe, which incidently is another reason we love him so much. We love a guy who loves love and is in love with the love of his life.
Eddie Redmayne kissing his wife Hannah Bagshawe at the 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar PartyReuters
  • Eddie is also one of the most awkward and funny celebrities we know, and we love him all the more for it
  • The joyful and genuine Oscar speech from 2015 is fresh in our minds – and when it is not we go watch it again on YouTube – and we want to hear it again; not just because his humility makes the world a happier place, but also because he deserves it, for 'The Danish Girl".